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Renewal Center offers a variety of services to serve the needs of our community. Read about our specific services or request more information by clicking below.

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We care and we want to help.

We’re excited that you’ve come to visit us online and we’re even more excited about the opportunity to help you and your loved ones through difficult times in your life. Renewal Christian Counseling Center’s mission is to rebuild and bring newness to the individual and his or her relationships through Christ-centered clinical counseling. Thats why we’re here.

Individual Counseling

Individual Clinical Counseling

We specialize in using many of the latest cutting edge interventions in clinical psychotherapy. Our skilled and caring counselors will help you address your individual symptoms to produce long lasting and effective changes. Our counselors specialize in such areas as Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Dissociative Disorders, ADD/ADHD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Grief/Loss.

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Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling

We work to bring healing and reconciliation to relationships on all levels. Marriage relationships are under constant attack in today’s world, and they need and deserve special attention and help that Renewal specializes in giving! Your Renewal counselor will help you define the foundation of your marriage and will be purposeful in helping you to apply practical tools for conflict resolution, parenting and relationship effectiveness.

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Family Therapy

Family Counseling

Families are under tremendous pressure in our culture today. Your Renewal counselor will do a full assessment of your family dynamics and needs and will develop interventions that do not single out any one person in the family but rather engages the entire family and empowers them all to be part of the solution. Divorce, blended family issues, parenting issues, grief and loss and family structuring needs are all addressed in family counseling. We love families at Renewal and would love to become a part of your family support system!

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psychiatric care

Psychiatric Services

Our team of medical professionals is available to you at Renewal to rule out any physical origins of your mental health symptoms and to suggest medical interventions to treat them. Our talented and caring doctors work with the youngest to the oldest and will be here to prescribe medications when needed and to monitor their safety and effectiveness.

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group discussion

Group Therapy

Group therapy is proven to be the most effective intervention for treating many disorders and symptoms! The Renewal Group model is to teach, teach, and teach some more within a validating and open environment to help our clients apply what they are learning with others who understand!

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Drawing Play Therapy

Play Therapy

We have gone to great lengths to make Renewal Center a place where your child can grow into all that he/she was created to be! Children struggle with emotional difficulties too but do not have the skills that we do as adults to manage their emotions.

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ADD/ADHD Testing

ADD & ADHD Testing

The key to intervention in any childhood behavioral disorder is proper assessment, and this is especially true with Attention Deficit Disorder. AD(H)D can be over-diagnosed as well as under-diagnosed, and so a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to assessment is crucial. We are excited to offer this comprehensive yet affordable program to you and your children, so please take a minute and let us explain our process!

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employee assistance counseling program

Employee Assistance Program

Renewal Center will contract with businesses and churches for an annual fee that will provide its members with a set number of sessions with our counselors. Your church or business can essentially have its own counseling center!

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Coaching & Pastoral Counseling

Coaching & Pastoral Counseling

Some of the problems we all experience are not felt at a level that is diagnosable or considered a full clinical disorder. Relationship issues, self-worth and confidence issues, low-level depression and anxieties, loneliness and lack of social skills, pre-marital issues and many other issues are all included in this category of our services.

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Training Programs & Seminars

Training Programs & Seminars

We would love to visit your agency, school, church or business to give trainings and discuss ways to equip and empower you in the areas of our specialties. We provide training to groups at staff meetings, church meetings and other settings with an average of 1 to 3 hours per training session. Seminars and ongoing teaching series can be given at our facility or on-site.

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