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We specialize in ADD and ADHD testing for children and adults.

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Making sure ADD/ADHD is the Problem...

The key to intervention in any childhood behavioral disorder is proper assessment, and this is especially true with Attention Deficit Disorder. AD(H)D can be over-diagnosed as well as under-diagnosed, and so a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to assessment is crucial. We are excited to offer this comprehensive yet affordable program to you and your children, so please take a minute and let us explain our process!

At Renewal Center, our goal is to provide hard and fast data in a scientific way to point out the presence or absence of this diagnosis in your child's life. Our three step process has become known and appreciated in our communities for its ability to scrutinize the symptoms that you are seeing in your child and discern whether the origin is related to AD(H)D or whether the symptoms are coming from other mental, emotional or social difficulties. Nationwide averages say that 5% or more of children struggle with AD(H)D, but so many others show symptoms of attention problems because they are anxious, depressed, have learning difficulties, family problems or social difficulties. Early assessment of these issues will lead to early interventions, which will save your child from internalizing his or her struggles into their sense of self-esteem.

This program was started at Renewal Center when a group of area doctors approached Renewal and challenged us to provide a comprehensive program to the community that would be more affordable than the psychological testing that they were sending persons to that was costing in some cases up to a thousand dollars to get a full diagnosis. We did just that and developed the following 3 step process that costs most people with insurance coverage around a hundred dollars or less. Your help in assessment and treatment of your child's attention problems will allow them to grow and blossom into all that God created them to be. Their ability to be creative, their smiles and laughs, their sense of self-worth and their ability to play with and enjoy others will be the payoff!

The Steps to ADD/ADHD Assessment

  • A full social work assessment and family interview with a Psychosocial History that focuses on school and behavioral issues.
  • A 22 minute Psychological Assessment called the Test of Variable Attentions (T.O.V.A. - more information below) which is a computerized video game that will give quantified data comparing your child's ability to pay attention to thousands of other children nationwide. A parent and teacher inventory called The Conner's is also used to gather feedback and confirm the date gathered by the T.O.V.A.
  • Our Board Certified Child Psychiatrist reviews the data and gives recommendations to the child and family in writing, which is presented to the family at a second meeting with the clinician. If a diagnosis of ADHD is warranted, medications are only one of a host of interventions that may be given as recommendations. Findings are often sent back to you Primary Care Physician for medication treatment and our Child Psychiatrist and clinicians are available for ongoing medication and counseling interventions as needed.

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