Dr. Phillipa Zylanoff


Phillipa Zylanoff

Dr. Phillipa Zylanoff M.D. has been in medical practice since 1972 receiving a doctorate of medicine, and then graduating from Wayne State with a specialty of Psychiatry in 1997.  Dr. Zylanoff has served in many capacities including being an Adult and Pediatric Anesthesiologist, then in Psychiatry at both inpatient and outpatient, meeting with Children and Adults with many diverse disorders. “Dr. Z” has worked at local Community Mental Health centers with the most difficult of cases who have had diverse symptoms sets, and has had great success in stabilizing their lives towards higher functioning and contentment.  Dr. Zylanoff has worked with high functioning clientele also, having many specialties including the treatment of children and adolescents, at community agencies as well as at her own private practice.  Dr. Zylanoff has been in relationship with Renewal Christian Counseling Center since 2007, and currently oversees the medical charts and clinical services at Renewal Center, while seeing children for medication management in our Port Huron site office.

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