Coping with the Holiday Blues?

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The holidays are great and joyful times for most, but are miserable and depressing for many others too!  The holidays are a reminder of what we have, but also a reminder of what we do not have, which for some can lead to increased feelings of loneliness and depression.  Let’s together be mindful of those that are hurting during this … Read More

Strength in Authentic Community

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One of the common characteristics of an addicts are they tend to be isolated. Before I continue let me clarify the difference between being isolated and being alone, despite the fact that these two words can sometime mistakenly be used synonymously. Being alone is physically being separated from others. Being isolated is not being connected with others emotionally regardless of … Read More

Relationship Reminders

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The need to form meaningful relationships with others is built into each of us. The fulfillment of this need is important for the healthy development of the human spirit. We were created as social beings. We enter in to marriage agreements, seek friendships, attend social events, join churches, become club members, play on teams, and have families. It is our … Read More