Benefits of Having a Nurse Practitioner

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Gerome Hess Nurse Practitioner

The health care field like so many others service areas, has become more and more pressured to push clients through an assembly line type structure to meet productivity measures, but often leaves patient care to be less than desired. In mental health we see this same dynamic playing out! Psychiatrists often spend less than a half hour to get to … Read More

Welcome Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling

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Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling

Renewal Christian Counseling Center welcomes Dan Lundblad and his clients from the Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling to our family! Dan has faithfully served our community through the Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling for over 23 years. We are honored to welcome him to Renewal Center, and are eager to serve him and his clients until such time … Read More

Thanks Men of Life in Christ!

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Life in Christ Fellowship

I had a great time with the men at Life in Christ Fellowship on Wadhams Road in St. Clair last week. We had lots of great food and fellowship, and as I shared my own personal testimony I was honored to challenge these men – as I do all men – to learn the meaning of vulnerability and to operate … Read More