Who to trust in Mental Health?

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How does one know who to trust when looking for a mental health provider?  Anyone can hang out a shingle and start a practice, but that does not mean that they are the agency for you.  Why do so many hospitals, Primary Doctors, Pastors, and School Principles and Teachers send their people to Renewal Counseling?  How has Renewal gained the … Read More

Let it go… through trauma releasing.

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We have all heard the cliche, “let it go.” We now, also, have the Disney songto go with it, but what does that actually mean and how does it work? So many of our struggles are not rooted in our current circumstances, but in the traumas that these circumstances remind us of.  The human brain is both blessed and cursed with … Read More

Coping with the Holiday Blues?

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Feeling Alone Image

The holidays are great and joyful times for most, but are miserable and depressing for many others too!  The holidays are a reminder of what we have, but also a reminder of what we do not have, which for some can lead to increased feelings of loneliness and depression.  Let’s together be mindful of those that are hurting during this … Read More

Does your loved one have AD(H)D?

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Attention Deficit Disorder is both over-diagnosed and under-diagnosed, today. Some oversimplify the problem and just think “those kids just need more discipline.” Or some are so opposed to using medications that they do not get the testing at all or find out that there are many other ways to treat ADD other than medications. What many do not know, is … Read More

Benefits of Having a Nurse Practitioner

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Gerome Hess Nurse Practitioner

The health care field like so many others service areas, has become more and more pressured to push clients through an assembly line type structure to meet productivity measures, but often leaves patient care to be less than desired. In mental health we see this same dynamic playing out! Psychiatrists often spend less than a half hour to get to … Read More

Welcome Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling

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Renewal Christian Counseling Center welcomes Dan Lundblad and his clients from the Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling to our family! Dan has faithfully served our community through the Blue Water Center for Christian Counseling for over 23 years. We are honored to welcome him to Renewal Center, and are eager to serve him and his clients until such time … Read More

Thanks Men of Life in Christ!

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Life in Christ Fellowship

I had a great time with the men at Life in Christ Fellowship on Wadhams Road in St. Clair last week. We had lots of great food and fellowship, and as I shared my own personal testimony I was honored to challenge these men – as I do all men – to learn the meaning of vulnerability and to operate … Read More

Remodeling vs. New Construction

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My friends who are in the construction business tell me that they would much rather build a new house than remodel an old. Counseling itself is a lot more like remodeling a house than new construction because by the time a person reports to the counseling office, they have built layer upon layer of old thought patterns, beliefs and defense … Read More

What if hitting my pillow doesn’t work?

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Anger is an emotion common to all, but understood by few. Anger itself is a swear word to some making us prone to denial and minimization when it is experienced. Refer to the next page to take an inventory of your anger symptoms – you may be surprised at what you find! Our goal at Renewal Christian Counseling is not … Read More